Gas Fireplaces

Convenient Heat

Gas fireplaces provide the inviting warmth of a regular fireplace as well as the heat! Over the years, gas fireplaces have become more functional, safe, clean, and energy efficient! There will be no more splitting or buying logs, and no more mess! Making heat comfortable and convenient again! These fireplaces come remote ready eliminating manual lighting, bringing warmth just a push of a button away. Temperature control is another great feature we are sure you will appreciate, bringing the comfort to your home that you desire, making your home more inviting during the holiday seasons. Sit back and watch your fireplace periodically switch on and off keeping your house comfortable, providing heat and illuminating beauty all while maintaining a picture perfect flame each time. Each fireplace comes with numerous options from glass doors, to an open front, to the style brick inlay that will compliment your gas logs, making your vision a reality.

With vent free fireplaces as high as 99% efficient, these fireplaces are virtually wasting no money – giving you one more thing to love about it. Heating with gas, we guarantee your style won’t be compromised.