About Us


Founded in 2001, Gas Plumbing Services, Inc. was built around the mission to lead our industry with dedicated craftsmanship and refined service.

In every small business, there is a family. The owner and founder, Vincent Polizzi began working in the Natural Gas and Propane industry in 1985 with a local utility company. After almost 20 years into his career, the growing need for a qualified contractor who specialized in gas piping ignited his ambitions. His passion for this industry evolved and like most small businesses, we opened our doors with big dreams out of a small garage.

We are a family-owned and operated business located in a tight-knit community in the small town of Lake Helen, Florida. We have been serving Central Florida and surrounding areas since the beginning of the century.

Dedicated Craftsmanship with Refined Service

The trusted gas contractor for your local utility company for over twenty years !

We thoroughly enjoy sharing our passion for this industry with people who are ready to explore the possibilities of their gas system, current or future.